Osmosis Sculpt

Osmosis +Sculpt is a safe, effective, holistic, multi-benefit, non-invasive way to lose inches! It speeds up weight loss efforts in several ways even after you are finished with your initial series. It helps detoxify the body, by encouraging lymphatic drainage. +Sculpt tones muscles and increases ATP production, resulting in strength and endurance. Receiving a +Sculpt treatment energizes the body, helps it get into fat burning mode, and relieves bloat.

The beauty of Osmosis +Sculpt is not only lipolysis, but the contraction of the muscles is a thing of beauty and a key to YOUR success! +Sculpt uses a unique set of patented signatures that maximize body detoxification, lipolysis and hydrolysis of triglycerides in the fat cell (shrinking the fat cell). A secondary set of signals is set to elicit intense muscle contraction yielding lymphatic drainage, toning and strengthening. The resulting contractions also increase the secretions of catecholamines which help synergize lipolysis in the adipose tissue. The unique combination of both sets of signals results in immediate detoxification, toning, and inch loss in the treated area. Results that are seen and felt – even after the 1st treatment.

Each Osmosis +Sculpt treatment can be customized to not only detoxify fat, but also to focus more on building, defining and even cutting muscles, and can be a huge benefit to bodybuilders or those who just want more definition in their muscles.