onto lift: an intensive lifting even if the skin is much sagged

Ionto lift: at what age is it recommended?

Ionto lift is recommended for women who have experienced the first signs of skin sagging by giving preventive effect and helping to maintain firmness of skin longer and also for ladies who already have much sagged skin. During a course of Ionto lift treatments the skin is lifted and strengthened by evening out wrinkles at the same time. Similarly, as the result of these face lifting treatments, blood and lymphatic circulation is significantly improved providing the skin with better “nourishment”, and the skin tone and elasticity is significantly improved.

Ionto lift: how is the lifting treatment performed? 

The effectiveness of the Ionto lift facial treatment lies in the fact that it strengthens facial muscles. During the treatment cosmetologist applies a medical device to facial muscles which are responsible for the holding of skin, by giving electrical impulse. For your facial muscles such a lifting treatment provides an effect as work-out would do for the rest of the body. You will see and feel during the Ionto lift treatment how your muscles move gently.

Ionto lift treatment tones and strengthens skin muscles in the problem zones. For example, this treatment is used when we need to thoroughly lift cheeks or eyelids, rejuvenate the skin on the neck more effectively, etc.

Into lift: how soon will I see the lifting effect? 

The effect of the Ionto lift treatment can be visually seen after the very first time, the skin is significantly firmer and more flexible. But it is important to know that for a long-lasting effect, lifted cheeks, corners of the mouth and eyelids, it is necessary to undergo the whole cycle of ionto lift  treatments: 5-6 times.

Preventive lifting at home

It is recommended to perform natural lifting activities also at home. For example, you should get rid of some habits: holding cheeks or your chin in your fists or pulling your cheeks in the pillow while sleeping, because that promotes skin sagging. You can also put cool and warm compresses or pads on your skin as a lifting treatment at home. To have a lifting effect you should start and finish with a cool compress. The effect is even better if you “nourish” your skin after applying compresses, using a lifting serum or a lifting mask.

Free cosmetologist advice

If you wish to try out the Ionto lift facial treatment, a consultation with a Medical Estitician would be helpful. Book your consultation at the Skin Deep Solutions for free. Cosmetologist will check the condition of your skin, the level of skin sagging and identify problem zones suggesting appropriate lifting treatments, their intensity and duration.

Ionto Face and or Body-Lift

Each Treatment – $130 • Series of 10 – $1300 (Buy 12, get 10% off)